Department Facts &

• Department implemented OBE for Undergraduate
Program. • Department contribute more than 40 science
citation index (SCI) international journal publications
• More than 80% of our Alumni are serving as
Professional Engineers in Nation’s Leading Chemical
Industries. • Consecutive year Department organize
International Conference


Centre for Chemical
& Material Analysis

Chromatography Instrumentation 1. Gas Chromatography
(GC)(Shimadzu-2010 with FID 20i Auto Injector) 2. Gas
chromatography–mass spectrometry (GC-MS)(Shimadzu QP-2010
Plus with EI Source, AOC-201) 3. SHIMADZU High Performance
Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)(LC-20A series)


3nd International

AMPE-2019 is an international forum for the handshaking
among the national and international experts and industry
players providing a favorable time to exchange new ideas,
developments and progress in other countries, exploring
possibility of collaborative research.


Project and Poster

Students from different Departments participated in the
competition. Highly competitive projects were displayed to
provide great Learning Experience.


Poster Competition
Exhibition held at
QUEST Nawabshah

Chemical Engineering Department Students win First Prize
in Poster Competition at Sindh Chemical/Chemistry
Festival/ Exhibition held at QUEST Nawabshah. There were
total 26 poster presentations.



The Department of Chemical Engineering at NED University, although, established recently, but with its track record of excellence in both teaching and research, now, being regarded as a leading Department of Chemical Engineering for our size in the country, by the industrial community. The Department has an immense impact in the formation of many professional and intellectual leaders in the Chemical Engineering profession and contributing to the Pakistani economy by supplying quality graduate chemical engineers to its booming chemical industry. Our highly qualified faculty members are engaged in several high value outreach activities locally and regionally.

The Department of Chemical Engineering at NED University provides creative and comfortable learning environment for the students with the experience of highly qualified Professors and technologically sound young and enthusiastic lecturers. At the department, we maintain several laboratories in order to give our undergraduates hands-on experience in a wide variety of chemical engineering specialties such as Thermodynamics, Heat transfer, Analytical chemistry, Fluid flow, Process control and Particulate technology. These labs are all connected. Building upon its strength, the department provides computing facility, by its modern Computer lab, with leading computational softwares such as ANSYS, HYSYS, ASPEN PLUS, MATLAB, SIMULINK, and many more. A state of the art Technical Information Center is placed for the students to provide them assistance in their Projects.



  • Department implemented Outcome Based Education(OBE) for Undergraduate Program.
  • More than 80% of our Alumni are serving as Professional Engineers in Nation’s Leading Chemical Industries.
  • Department contribute more than 40 Science Citation Index (SCI) international journal publications with the cumulative impact factor of 100 in worlds top leading journals of American Chemical Society (ACS), Royal society of chemistry (RSC), Science Direct, Elsevier and Springer’s.
  • Consecutive year Department organize International Conference in collaboration with industrial companies and Higher Education Commission (HEC).
  • Students are involved in industrially funded research projects and collaborative works.