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Welcome to the Advanced Materials & Green Energy (AMGE) group. AMGE is a multi-disciplinary team with expertise in the synthesis and analysis of high performance composites, electro catalysis, porous materials, Nanomaterials, Polymer nanofibers and hydrogels.

The need of advanced materials for the development of sustainable energy production is one of the most important scientific challenges of the future. The challenge is to design, to synthesize, and to characterize new functional materials with controllable sizes, shapes, and/or structures. Development of advanced materials catches a lot of attention these days and therefore building great expectations not only in the academic community but also among investors, the governments, and industry. This group explores some of the possible implementations of advanced materials for new and improved methods of energy conversion and energy storage devices, sensor developments, water treatment,super absorption, polymer carbon composite and polymer nanofibers development for bio & environmental applications. 


Group Members

 Dr.Zahoor ul Hussain Awan


 Dr.Saud Hashmi


 Dr.Faizan Raza

  Associate Professor