The Department also offers Ph.D. Program. The focus of this program is to provides an opportunity for in-depth study of Chemical Engineering. It is attractive to those who are already working in industry and would like to further increase their knowledge about the subject as well as to those who are interested to pursue career in Teaching and Research.

Ph.D. Project In-Progress

S. No Title of Research Scholar Name

Supervisor /Co-Supervisor

Start Date Passing Year

Synthesis of Molybdenum foam based Sulfided derivative Cathodes for Hydrogen Generation

Mr. Muhammd Ahmed Memon

Dr. Faaz Ahmed Butt /

Dr. Saad Nadeem

2 Development of Enhanced Polymeric Material for Commodity  Application Mr. Raza Muhammad Khan Dr. Asim Mushtaq 2020  
3 Development of Metal Oxide Based Engineered Nano Materials for Sustainable Agriculture Application Ms. Kainat Amin Ismail Bora

Prof. Dr. Saud Hashmi /

Dr. Zainul Abideen

4 Intelligent Control on Vinyl Chloride Monomer Production Process Ms. Tuba Siraj Ansari Dr. Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi Spring 2021  
5 Development of Novel Nanostructured Transition Metal Based Carbon Cathode Material for Lithium air Batteries Ms. Aisha Jilani
Prof. Dr. Zahoor Ul Hussain Awan /
 Dr. Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi
Spring 2021  
6 Inhibition and Mitigation of asphaltene precipitation in crude oils using chemical additives Mr. Syed Imran Ali
Dr. Javed Haneef /Prof.Dr..Zahoor Ul Hussain Awan
Spring 2021  
7 Developing engineered nanoparticles  (ENPs) based drilling fluid for improved drilling in the shale formation Mr. Shaine Mohammadali

  Dr. Javed Haneef / Prof.Dr. Saud Hashmi

Spring 2021  
8 Physio-chemical pre-treatment of biomass for enhancement of Bio-Methane Production By Anaerobic Digestion Mr. Ghulam Mustafa Memon

Dr. Asim Mushtaq /Dr. Saad Nadeem

Fall 2021  
9 Municipal Solid Waste Management and Waste to Energy using Pyrolysis method Mr. Shahzad
Dr. Asif Ahmed Shaikh/
Dr. Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi


Spring 2022  
10 Integrated Waste-to-Energy Process for Municipal Solid Waste Management: A Step Toward Sustainable Circular Economy Mr. Syed Muhammad Hasnain Dr. Syed Ali Ammar Taqvi Spring 2022