If there’s one thing that unites engineers, it’s the quest for ceaseless improvement. At our department, you’ll see this guiding principle and core value at work, not just in our labs but    also in our classrooms, start-up, business ventures, student organizations, effort exercises    and outreach activities.Our faculty and students are engineering molecules, materials, and devices with the potential to change industries: chemical, biotech, clean energy, and beyond. In the classroom, our faculty members consistently develop highly-ranked, relevant courses that incorporate project-based learning. We're further developing the way that we approach the actual course of designing. The department is launching exciting new initiatives to leverage powerful data tools in research and equip our students with computational skills that set them apart. Our graduate curriculum now offers a comprehensive menu of choices for Ph.D. and master's students seeking training in Chemical Engineering.

Beyond that, perhaps the most important continuous improvements that we are making in the world around us. The results of the work of Chemical Engineers can make people healthier through better environments and improve our resiliency in the face of a changing climate through more-efficient batteries that replace dirtier fuels. And that’s just scratching the surface. Every day, Chemical Engineers lay the groundwork for innovative solutions for this generation and those to come.

I welcome you to explore our website and figure out how individual Chemical Engineers are creating information and developments to handle a portion of society's most squeezing issues with unwavering drive, creativity and imagination.